Is waxing suitable for the under 15-year- olds? 

I remember doing it but have no idea how old I was although I was young. I hated the fact that I seemed to be the only one with hair in places my peers didn’t. Other people (including boys) noticed, sometimes they made comments. If I had known that the hair would come back darker, thicker, wirier and that I’d need to do it most days would that have stopped me stealing dads razor? No, probably not, I was desperate! However, thankfully, during my late teens I stumbled upon waxing and I’ve not looked back since….

Some girls develop much earlier than others. They might be the first girl in their group/ class to have hairy legs, underarms or upper lip, this can impact negatively on their confidence and happiness.  One thing is certain, the last thing your daughter needs is someone noticing and pointing out the embarrassing facts that she has hairy legs/ armpits, whether one-to-one as friends or otherwise. Emotionally, she is still a ‘little girl’ and it is your job to guide her through the changes to her body.

Would you love to take your daughter to have her legs waxed but wonder if she is too young or whether it will be too painful? Please know that nothing could be further from the truth!

*Special Offer*

I am so confident that your daughter will enjoy their waxing experience that I have decided that all girls 15 and younger who are first timers get lower leg and (either) a brow tidy (or) clean up between the brows for £12.50

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Services performed on customers, 17 and under, require prior parental (or legal guardian) consent and approval

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