solutions for well-being

I have searched solutions for well-being: to address pain, both in the physical, emotional and spiritual sense for three decades. Many years ago I was introduced to Louise Hay’s you can heal your life book. If I am honest I only ever read the section listing emotions and where they present in the body: to […]

First Aid for Stress

I searched for the antidote for stress for more than 22 years, I had suffered from the effects of heightened stress for so long… On the diagnosis of my cancer in 1994 my consultant stated very clearly that I needed to be less stressed. In truth, I didn’t know how to be. Every day was stressful from […]

what is stress

What is stress? In the terms of physiology, stress is anything that causes the body to respond by releasing stress hormones. Therefore you could define stress as, ‘an event that causes by the body’s natural fight-or-flight, stress response’. The “stress response” is what happens when the body reacts to stressors. What physiologically happens when your […]

My journey from Stress to Peace. I know pain. Your pain – During the last 30 years, I have been working in the clinical and private treatment of both physical and emotional ailments, ranging from conception/birth difficulties through to end-of-life palliative care and all stages in between. My pain – During those same 30 years, […]

Although it’s easy to think of a headache as ‘just a headache’, there are over 100 types of headache! The most common are tension headaches, migraine and cluster headaches. Tension Headaches Typically produce a steady ache (usually felt equally on both sides of the head) rather than a throbbing pain and often feel like a […]

  Life can be so fast-paced it is easy to cause Burnout. The problem is that you don’t realise what is happening because you have always been driven with a strong work ethic. Burnout starts subtly. A minor winter virus, a few late nights, a busy/ stressful period at work or at home, too many take-outs, perhaps […]

Many of us simply forget that efficient breathing enhances your fitness performance AND reduces stress.  As something we do naturally, it seems crazy to find myself writing about breathing. However, I’ve noted that many of my clients ‘Reverse Breathe’. Additionally, I have noted when breathing patterns are corrected that there are very obvious and dramatic […]

                  I wanted to know how do you relieve the symptoms of Stress. I had the answer to ‘what is Stress!’ Stress was my middle name… I even had a mug with the caption “without stress my life would be empty” on it! Dawn Symons  And whilst I joke […]

Can Magnesium reduce stress and relax muscle tension? Is magnesium a natural stress buster? What does Magnesium do? It helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function, keeps heart rhythm steady, supports a healthy immune system, and keeps bones strong. Magnesium also helps regulate blood sugar levels, promotes normal blood pressure, and is known to be […]

Are you suffering from jaw pain or jaw tension? Does your face ‘ache’? Have you noticed that you are biting the inside of your gum or edge of your tongue? Often during times of stress we clench our jaw and or grind our teeth. which can lead to increasing headaches and regular migraines. Jaw tension can create […]

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