What does a Reiki healing session feel like? The experience of a Reiki healing session varies from person to person, session-to-session and sometimes even during a session. Some people feel nothing, apart from beautiful peaceful space and relaxation; others feel warmth, coolness, a tingling or a gentle flowing sensation. It is not unusual for people to become so relaxed […]

My Reiki Moment… I have to admit to being quite a Dawn-Fan.  She treated me throughout & beyond my second pregnancy,  has been my saviour when I have experienced acute back pain, as well as to treat more deep-seated stress or trauma-based pain. I think I have probably been treated to most of Dawn’s Maga […]

Reiki… What is it? I was first introduced to Reiki in the mid-90 whilst attending a counselling training course. I was so curious I ended up getting an ‘attunement’ and to be honest I didn’t really do much more than that with it. But actually that was fine, I was already very ‘aware spiritually’ and certainly […]

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