When is the best time to wax?

The moon influences our nails and the rate of hair growth. That is why there are favorable times for hair removal and others that are best to avoid. What are they? Read on to discover our hair removal calendar 2016!

The moon’s cycle has a direct effect on many things such as the tides, the crops – gardeners and farmers historically planted and harvested their crops according to the current moon phase.

So it should come as no surprise to you to read how specific times of the month will allow for a slower regrowth despite the seasonal changes!

The ideal period for hair removal is during a period of waxing or waning moon. More precisely, it must be during the period between the full moon and the new moon. During this period, hair growth is slower. Furthermore, if you wax during this time your hair growth will be slower.

Best dates for waxing 2016

Based on the waxing and waning moon, I’ve taken the best times of year for hair removal. If you want to wax at the most effective times possible, choose one of the following dates…


Tuesday 18th to Sunday 30th


Thursday 17th to Monday 28th


Friday 16th to Wednesday 24th


Waxing Prices

1/2 Leg 13.00
3/4 Leg 16.00
Full Leg 20.00
Bikini 7.50
Underarm 7
Fore arm 8
Back – full back 23. Partial Back 18 -add 3 for top of shoulders
Chest (men) -from 15
Tummy (men) – from £10
Lip & Chin 8.50
Lip or chin. 5
Brows 9

Intimate waxing (women only)

Bikini (bikini line only) 8.50
Californian (hi bikini) 12
G-String (between a bikini and a brazilian) 14.00
Brazilian (landing strip) 16
Hollywood (all off) 22 (new women) 20 (if attend monthly/ maintenance)

Tip for women booking intimate waxing -For your comfort please trim excessive hair prior to your treatment.


Lash & brow tint 19 *
Brow tint 10 *
Lash tint 12
*tint test must be carried out 48 hours before first treatment.

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