Reiki… What is it?

I was first introduced to Reiki in the mid-90 whilst attending a counselling training course. I was so curious I ended up getting an ‘attunement’ and to be honest I didn’t really do much more than that with it. But actually that was fine, I was already very ‘aware spiritually’ and certainly had healing hands.

Some people don’t believe in what they can’t see, and hey! I’m a very logical thinker, and I analyse situations, events and ‘stuff’ from every angle, closely inspecting every possibility which is when I finally draw a conclusion (and believe me this can take a lot of time, sometimes years to really look at all the branches). I completely ‘get’ their point of view. But please accept my apologies if I seem somewhat cheeky when I say this….. Without oxygen we couldn’t breathe. We can’t see it, but we know it’s there.

Reiki is the same; however, it’s not as ‘cut and dried’ as Oxygen 😉 You see it’s different for each person. Reiki gives you what you need. Whether it’s to sleep, to relax or even ‘help’ with physical conditions, it’s very personal to you.

I have experienced many wonderful things whilst being the client or being the practitioner. This has ranged from colour, shapes, and images, faces (people you know or strangers) extreme changes of temperatures and other far more bizarre and wonderful things! Many of my clients have experienced very similar such events….. I’ve selected a few treatments to share with you so you can see the diversity for yourself.

A client called me in horror on day. I’d seen her the previous day and fix her jaw/ headache issue whilst freeing up her shoulders, hips and legs. She’d felt (pummelled) but amazing post treatment, so much so she’d gone for a run. My client is a (pregnancy) personal training guru, and stretches and warms up pre-and post-exercise. Whilst running (she clenched her jaw) there was a horrible sound and she couldn’t weight bear on the leg fully. She knew this could be a serious injury (ACL injury) the problem is with ACL there is no direct pain so she hobbled home ran the Dr who said exactly what she expected him to (anti-inflammatory medication and ice), so she called me. I said I didn’t know what treatment to do until I got there, and she said its ok, I know you, you’ll just fix it. The treatment was very bizarre (click here to read her own words). The end result was the knee was fine and has been ever since and that’s been at least two years, so whatever we did certainly did the trick 😉

Another client of mine came to me for massage. He has been a scientist for his entire working life, and having heard that my treatments were ‘the best’ he booked to see me. The treatment was for shoulders and back tension, but as always I was soon figuring out what was needed. I asked him if I could do some cranial and stuff (not being too specific!) to which said I’ll leave it to you you’re the expert do whatever you feel, I changed tack and channelled Reiki.  Click Here To Read What He Wrote… PS ITS AMAZING!

I recall one of my teaching colleagues asking me about 7 years ago to ‘show’ her. She worked with me teaching complimentary therapies and her interest in the energy side of treatments (and she wanted ‘something spiritual’ to happen. At the time she was being a ‘body’ during a reflexology class, so I combined the treatment. She quickly relaxed into the treatment and commentated on the colour which she saw. The same colours many other clients had described despite the location. Fascinatingly, I see different colours when receiving a session from different practitioners.

I was aware the treatment was changing (the energy changes whilst you are working) and I knew something more was starting to happen. Within a couple of seconds she opened her eyes and asked me to stop. She was freaked out to say the least.

I guess she never actually expected to experience anything, I mean let’s be honest until you do, (and even then you don’t believe it and you try to come up with every possible explanation)……….! And of course, this was her first real spiritual experience and it frightened her as she really didn’t believe it was possible!

I’d like to add at this point what she saw was actually very special and lovely, and she knew what it was; when the shock settled she was ok. The brilliant thing was we continued the treatment and she continued to see colours, but many more than before and she relaxed and everything was fine.

Another treatment I recall was a very stressed out executive from London.  She flopped on the couch and said her mum had had Reiki and said it had been amazing and helped with her various pains etc.  (She went on to describe her Mum’s experience, but remember I said Reiki gives you what you most need, it’s unique to everyone) I asked her some questions and quickly she was suffering all the symptoms of chronic prolonged stress and now being a total insomniac (click here if you are too) and she was totally exhausted. She said during the conversation what she needed was to sleep, and as soon as she closed her eyes that is just what she did, it was as if someone had switched a switch and that was it. There was lots going on in the room but of course she wasn’t aware of it, but at the end of the treatment as I gently woke her up she said was that it? But nothing happened, I saw a bit of a purple colour and then I slept. I was a little shocked and realised she had expected to have experienced the heat and tingling that her Mum had, but of course her Mum had been awake! I did bring the “what you need most” part of the conversation up which to which she replied “oh!” She said she felt tremendously relaxed and thanked me, but I’m not whole heartedly convinced she ‘got it’ (written humbly)

Another treatment that really sticks in my mind as it was very different.

While I was giving a lady I knew a facial, I started to get a horrendous pain in my head, all around the left hand side of the temple which continued throughout the treatment. I felt as though I had a patio slab on my head, it felt very weighty, and practically crushed my skull. I’d experienced this sort of phenomenon before so I understood it. I chatted to my client and she told me of changes to her office at work. There had been some additions to the electrics of the whole building (which was mostly granite!) and all the main boxes/ housings were now sited right behind her and they covered a vast area of the wall.

She’d had a funny headache for some time (and particularly noticed it since the office changes). I suggested lots of quartz around the whole office, particularly the computer/ electrical equipment. I also suggested she kept a peace lily and several cactus plants. You see the crystal will help absorb and neutralise the emission from electrical equipment and the plants, well, peace lilies will die if the energy in the room is not right (it’s a bit like the canary in the cage down a mine!). Oh and just in case you are wondering why I had ‘!’ granite? As a mineral it is ‘super buzzy’ and emits a wonderful energy. Because of all the quartz in granite it amplifies (I find) the energy of the ‘site’ whether that be a building, a cliff top or a moor!

At the end of the facial her skin look fab and her headache has gone away or should I say, I now had it! For ‘P’ the rest-bite from the pain was welcomed and during the next few days I saw her and she said she felt great, however, 3 days later the headache I had started to ease. The weight of the ‘patio slab’ lessened and the pain on the left hand temple started to reduce. I immediately went to see ‘P’. I asked how she was feeling adding that I was feeling much better, her response was that her headache and pain was starting to come back, and gradually during the following 24/36 hours it left me and went back to her.

I was concerned I’d experienced similar events before and there was always a significant reason. I suggested that such a bad headache should be checked out and she totally agreed.  It turned to be a very serious issue… luckily  ‘P’ is fully recovered now, but it took several years of Dr’s, hospitals and medication to get there!

So, to go back to the original question of what is Reiki?  Well as you can see there is no ‘tangible’ logical explanation, so we can only agree it is a shift of energy (which has been measured), we are after all mere electrical impulses, and all have an aura, everything living has an aura (Huge thanks to David Attenborough for bringing this fact to the world’s attention during his marvellous exploratory career/ life) For those of you who would like a less personal account of Reiki CLICK HERE to read more.


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